Lachlan Murdoch drinks a Crown Lager while cruising Sydney Harbour with his wife Sarah

EXCLUSIVE He might be a megabucks media mogul but the lad still loves a beer. Here’s Lachie Murdoch knocking back a ‘Crown’ lager or two while on the family run-a-bout with the Mrs


It’s not every day you catch a glimpse of a billionaire media mogul enjoying a casual beer with his spouse aboard a humble family boat. But that’s exactly what happened when Lachie Murdoch, the man who has it all, was seen last week indulging in a couple of cold ‘Crown’ lagers during a leisurely day on Sydney Harbour with his stunning wife Sarah.

It’s moments like these that remind us that no matter how high you climb the ladder of success, some things never change. Now, some might raise their eyebrows at this scene, thinking, “Shouldn’t a man of Lachie Murdoch’s stature be sipping on champagne instead of a humble beer?” But I say, let the man enjoy his brew! After all, we’ve all heard stories of individuals achieving immense success while staying grounded, and Lachie seems to be following suit. In a world where wealth often comes hand in hand with ego and pretentiousness, Lachie Murdoch’s love for beer is a refreshing reminder of his down-to-earth nature. It’s a testament to the fact that he’s not afraid to have a good time, even if it means opting for a ‘Crown’ instead of a fancy cocktail or a glass of rare vintage wine. Who says you can’t enjoy life’s simple pleasures, even when you’re worth a fortune?

Cheers, Lachie! Here’s to a good life, a family-run-a-bout, and a cold ‘Crown’ lager in hand. Here’s some pics to quench your first. Credit: Jayden Seyfarth/

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