So you think you’ve got what it takes to pitch us your brilliant ideas? Well, well, well, welcome to the Send Us Your Pitch page of our beloved website, So Sydney. We can’t wait to see what wacky, hilarious, or mind-blowingly intriguing concepts you have up your sleeve. But before you unleash your genius upon us, please take a moment to read the guidelines below. We want to make sure your pitch stands a snowball’s chance in the Sydney summer of getting noticed.

1. Be original (but not too original, because we’re on a budget for legal fees). We’ve seen it all, or at least we like to think we have. So, don’t come at us with the same old tired ideas. Surprise us! Make us spit out our Vegemite toast with laughter or make us gasp in awe. We’re looking for that sweet spot between outrageous and unforgettable.

2. Keep it concise. We so called journalists have the attention span of a goldfish, so get to the point, mate! We don’t need a dissertation on your pitch. Just give us the juicy titbits – the who, what, when, where, and why (if you can figure that out).

3. Make us snort with laughter like a Bondi girl snorts the bag at afters. We’re looking for that perfect blend of wit, sarcasm, and clever wordplay that leaves us rolling on the floor laughing. But don’t worry, if you can at least crack a smile or evoke a slight snicker, you’re still in the game. Now remember, humour can be as tricky as pronouncing “G’day, mate” without sounding like a total bogan. So, tread lightly and tickle our funny bones just right.

4. Show us your pop culture knowledge. We eat, breathe, and dream pop culture. We want pitches that dance between the realms of celebrity gossip, viral internet sensations, and the downright bizarre. If you can somehow combine cats, Stefanovics, and crocodile wrestling, you may just become our new hero.

5. Prove you’re not a bot (or a roo). We need to confirm that you’re an actual human with a beating heart (preferably one that’s pumping with caffeine). So, include the following secret password in your pitch: “What do Bondi girls never pay for at afters” If you can’t figure out where to slide that gem into your pitch, well, we may have to suspect you’re a rogue AI or a kangaroo trying to infiltrate our team. And nobody wants that… mainly because neither of you have thumbs.

6. Be prepared for rejection. Look, we can’t accept every pitch that comes our way, as much as we’d love to. Sometimes our choices come down to arbitrary factors like whose pitch made us laugh the hardest or who bribes us with the soggiest chicken and mushroom filo. So, don’t take it personally if your pitch doesn’t make the cut. Take a deep breath, enjoy some smashed avo on toast, and come back swinging with your next pitch.

7. Show off your Sydney savvy. We love pitches that demonstrate a deep understanding and appreciation for the vibrant city of Sydney. Incorporate titbits of local knowledge, cultural references, or insider secrets that make Sydney truly special. We want to see that you “get” this city and can weave its essence into your pitch. So, impress us with your Sydney sider knowledge and make us feel like we’re catching a perfect wave at Bondi Beach.

8. Show us you’re really into issues. At So Sydney, we love pitches that go beyond the surface-level fluff and dig into the heart of important topics. Whether it’s social justice, environmental sustainability, or cultural issues, we want to see that you’re passionate about making a difference. Bring forth pitches that tackle these issues head-on, share unique perspectives, and ignite meaningful conversations. We believe in the power of media to shed light on important matters, so if you’re ready to dive deep and stir things up, we’re all ears. Let your passion for making a positive impact shine through, and together, we can create thought-provoking content that resonates with our readers.

Now that you’ve got the guidelines, it’s time to unleash your creativity. Fill out the form below with your name, email, and most importantly, your stellar pitch. We can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store for us. And who knows, your pitch might just be the next big thing that has everyone saying, “Crikey, they did it!”