Everything You Need To Know About The AFW Bec + Bridge Show

Day two of Australian Fashion Week also saw renowned designer duo Bec Cooper and Bridget Yorston take to the stage once again to deliver every year 11’s favourite formal dress. 

You can check out our fully day two commentary here. Otherwise, let’s dive straight into it. 

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AFW 2024 Image Credit Sonny

The show was an assault on the senses to say the least. Corporate wear, tie-dye, metallic finishes and beading were all paired palettes of mint, plum, and yellow. There were leg warmers, microskirts, padded shoulders and the occasional tit. I descended further into sensory overload as each new model hit the runway. 

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With that being said, credit deserves to be given where it’s due. The relaunch of the brand’s denim collection was certainly a highlight. Raw Japanese and indigo laser-cut designs offered elevated staples fit for any cool girl’s wardrobe.

AFW 2024 Credit Sonny

It’s also important to call out the lack of diversity on the runway, particularly in terms of sizing. It left an sour taste, and felt like a contradictory creative choice in light of the collection being inspired by sculpting and embracing the female form. It did, but you just had to be a size four. It felt like I’d reach the championship round of ‘is it a fit or is she just skinny’, and I constantly came back to the latter conclusion.

As someone who’s never been a size four, and never shopped at Bec + Bridge, it only reaffirmed that maybe this brand just isn’t for me.  

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