Highlights from Karla Spetic’s ‘Ikigai’ Show At AFW

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Day three of Australian Fashion Week also welcomed Karla Spetic’s intriguing show. Titled ‘Ikigai – A Reason for Being’, it was clear from onset that Spetic was here to play. Masterfully reimagining traditional undergarments and intimate wear as everyday apparel, the designer injected playful and ironic twists into the collection that one couldn’t help but be drawn to. 

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Credit Stefan Gosatti/Getty Images for AFW

Spetic’s inspiration for the collection stemmed from cult arthouse Japanese cinema, a theme that permeated through each crafted piece. Symbolically toying with ideas of personal accomplishment and freedom from following your own pathy, we could clearly see Spetic listening to the Kill Bill Volume 1 album whilst ideating the pieces.

Amidst the printed undergarment pieces and whimsical bows, there were also nods to trends like poofy crocs thongs. Admittedly, they’re not groundbreaking, and at times felt like a gimmicky and novel ploy that might attract the show’s influencers. With that being said, we’re still girls for comfort at the end of the day – so I can’t say I was personally offended by their presence. 

Inevitably, Spetic produced a show that allowed even those who may not align with her style to nevertheless appreciate the collection. The craftsmanship and thoughtfulness evident in each design was nothing short of impressive, and Spetic’s ability to blend playful subversion with cultural inspiration made for a compelling showcase. 

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