SHIT HAPPENS Not so subtle signalling. Deborra-Lee Furness has something to say so she wears it on her shirt.


Talk about making ya feelings known and why not..we’ve all been there haven’t we? Deb, 68, was recently seen enjoying breakfast at Bills Cafe in Bondi, wearing a white t-shirt that boldly displayed the words “Shit happens.”


If ya didn’t know already Deb slipped quietly back into Sydney last week taking up residence at her little bedsit at Ben Buckler. She’s here to appear on the red carpet for the Sydney premiere of “Force of Nature: The Dry 2” on Tuesday. Here’s a preview of the new flick

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In the mean time we’re looking forward to seeing what else Deb has to say via her shirt of the day.

Here’s a few pics of Deb out and about in Bondi. Credit: MATRIX

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