SPOTTED It puts the lotion on its skin. Adam Hyde aka Abbie’s new boyfriend oils up for a dip and bake at Tamarama Beach.

It’s official: Abbie Chatfield’s hard launch of her new boyfriend, Adam Hyde, has immediately rendered him Australia’s most sought-after bachelor. The ARIA Award winner, who makes up half of the popular band Peking Duk, was spotted glistening in all his glory today at Tamarama Beach in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

Hyde, who conveniently looks a lot like both Chatfield and her dog, was spotted gloriously frolicking amongst the waves with his mermaid tresses. It appears the podcast princess certainly has a type.

Albeit winter, we were surprised to see Hyde bare in the sun so soon after his melanoma scare that he revealed on air on Chatfield’s ‘It’s A Lot’ podcast. Nevertheless, he’s been spotted at various eastern suburbs’ beaches in the past week, having recently gone viral on TikTok for Peking Duk’s unique content shoot.


Replying to @Bondi Rescue You’re next 👀

♬ original sound – Peking Duk

That’s enough from me. Here are our pics of Adam Hyde today.

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