Elle ‘The Body’ Macpherson makes a triumphant return to Sydney. First order of business a Thai massage. Can confirm no R&T offered.


Elle Macpherson touched down in Sydney this morning accompanied by her muso boyfriend Doyle Bramhall and a tonne of baggage. (editors note: maybe don’t say Elle arrived with a tonne of ‘baggage’, perhaps use the word luggage instead). So much luggage, in fact, a big trolley was needed to carry it all to her limousine. Evidently Elle does not buy her luggage from the peasant bins at Aldi. (editors note: you know I have Aldi luggage mate! where is this going? move on from luggage issues please Rocky). Elle, who is 59 years old, looked remarkably fresh after a long haul flight from LA as she returned to Australia after four years to celebrate the 10th anniversary of her health brand, WelleCo. She was dressed in a stylish all-white outfit, featuring a pearl-embellished linen coat and white trousers. Doyle, who is a few years younger than Elle, wore his own choice of a beige soft cotton blazer and trouser ensemble – possibly off the rack from Country Road. The pair made a strong aesthetic statement in their matching outfits as they strode out of the VIP exit, past the paparazzi to their waiting limo. After checking into their hotel they wasted no time in getting themselves an hour and a half of pampering at a nearby Thai massage parlour..the legit kind not the “sir you want extra?” kind. (editors note: Rocky mate just stop…you can’t go inferring Elle went to a massage parlour where they may or may not provide sensual services or R&T as you referred to it. Mate it’s a bit off and kinda immature…what if Elle reads this?)

Are you fucking kidding? Elle never reads anything she hasn’t written herself.

Here’s today’s pictures of Elle and Doyle. Credit: MATRIX

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