Sydney Sweeney captures hearts at screening of ‘Anyone But You’ rom com filmed right here in…Sydney!


Sydney Sweeney certainly knows how to make an impression, and at the screening of her new film, ‘Anyone But You,’ she left hearts fluttering and jaws dropping at Hoyts Entertainment Quarter. The actress brought her A-game to the red carpet, leaving fans wondering if there was anyone left in the vicinity who wasn’t smitten by her presence.

The talk of the town was, of course, Sweeney’s outfit, because who cares about the movie when there’s fashion to discuss? She opted for a jaw-dropping red dress that demanded attention like a spoiled diva at an award show. With a plunging neckline that dared you to look away and a slit so high it would make a gymnast blush, Sweeney showed us that subtlety is overrated.

As if the dress wasn’t enough, she decided to add fuel to the fashion fire by donning sleek, strappy heels that probably cost more than most people’s monthly rent. Because walking in those heels is a breeze when you’re a seasoned pro like Sweeney. We can only imagine the leg muscles she must have developed from the sheer effort of balancing on those stilts.

But let’s not forget the most essential accessory of all—her radiant smile. It’s like a secret weapon that leaves fans weak in the knees and questioning their life choices. Who needs love when you have Sydney Sweeney’s smile?

Oh, and apparently there was a movie involved too. In ‘Anyone But You,’ Sweeney showcases her undeniable talent and delivers a performance that is sure to be… well, remembered by someone, we hope. Because let’s face it, half the people at the screening were too busy discussing her outfit to pay attention to the actual film.

The star-studded affair was a sight to behold, with both celebrities and fans clamoring for a glimpse of Sweeney. It was almost as if the movie was just a backdrop for the real show—Sweeney’s red carpet appearance.

All jokes aside, Sydney Sweeney is proving to be a rising star in the industry, with her talent and fashion choices capturing everyone’s attention. We can’t wait to see what she does next and who she leaves breathless with her next red carpet outing. Carry on, Sydney, and keep dazzling us with your undeniable charm and killer fashion sense.

Here’s all the pictures from the red carpet. Credit: MATRIX

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