Artists impression of new development at Surry Hills ‘murder mall’ surprisingly accurate.

The billboard on the corner of Baptist and Cleveland Street reads ‘Live Exceptionally’. I can’t decide if this just some clever ‘aspirational living’ branding or a genuine plea to our desire for living a better life. Im really torn. On the one hand it seems well yeah of course live exceptionally – hardly going to live unexceptionally so perhaps it’s a statement of fact. Then again it is plastered ten feet in the air for all to see. I imagine it plants the seed in the minds of every passer by ‘Yeah one day I’m going to live there and live my best most authentic exceptional life’. Such a person probably takes pilates lessons at Body By Berner.

Passing by on my way to Redfern Station I couldn’t help but notice the artists impression of this new development by Toga – the same developers that spiffied up Hall Street, Bondi. It’s the little details that matter in life really isn’t it or perhaps more aptly ‘the devil is in the detail’. Apart from the very accurate illustration of three girls taking a selfie and a young couple walking in lockstep was – this makes me grin from ear to ear – a couple sitting at a table with the well dressed fellow engrossed in whatever is on his phone rather than his companion!

Now there’s some truth in advertising. Live exceptionally!

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