Keith Urban lands in Sydney with the kids ahead of Christmas wearing an outstandingly cool T-shirt.


Keith and his daughters Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret arrived in Sydney this morning looking relaxed and casual…blah blah blah just imagine two more paragraphs of bullshit mentioning Nicoles absence and perhaps her upcoming film roll.

OK great now I can get to the good bit, let’s talk about Keith’s t-shirt which reads ‘Patience please a drug free America comes first’. The print itself is a of one of the great rock photos of all time by legendary photographer Ethan Russell featuring Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards cheekily posing next to a sign while passing through an airport in 1972. Russell, touring with the band during the Nixon era ‘war on drugs’ apparently noticed the sign and called Richards over. He managed two quick snaps before a customs officer threatened to confiscate the film and fortunately for ‘our Keith’ that photo can now be found on t-shirts for as little as thirty bucks making him also one cool cat.

Here’s some pics of Keith wearing a little piece of history no other publication noticed bcos ya’ll too young.

Credit: MATRIX

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