Sydney Sweeney gets the VIP treatment on arrival into Sydney Airport ahead of ‘Anyone But You’ premiere


Sydney Sweeney knows how to make an entrance, and she made sure to get the VIP treatment as she arrived at Sydney Airport ahead of the premiere of ‘Anyone But You.’ Let’s be honest, regular airport experiences are for mere mortals, not for glamorous stars like Sweeney.

As Sweeney disembarked from her flight, it was clear that she was in a league of her own. She didn’t have to deal with the hassle of long security lines or lugging around oversized luggage like the rest of us plebeians. Instead, she was whisked away by a team of handlers, ensuring that her every need was taken care of.

The airport itself was abuzz with excitement as paparazzi and a couple of fans eagerly awaited Sweeney’s arrival. And when she finally emerged, it was as if the world stood still. The air practically crackled with anticipation, as all eyes turned to the starlet.

Clad in a glamorous ensemble that would give any supermodel a run for their money, Sweeney oozed confidence and style. Her flawless makeup and perfectly coiffed hair added to her overall radiance, making the rest of us feel like we had just rolled out of bed in comparison.

Here’s some video and pictures. Credit: MATRIX

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