Claudia Karvan what a coincidence! Spotted at Bondi Beach having the time of her life with Dave Galafassi.


A little reference to Muriels Wedding there in case you missed it. Now why do we mention Muriels Wedding? Bcos old mate is the former hubby of Australian film icon Toni Collette. No biggy really given they split way back. It was around this time last year but it could have been earlier given pictures of Dave and a mystery woman snogging at Manly hit the papers in early December. Now if there’s one thing we know about Dave it’s that he loves a beach date and a snog in the water. Here’s Dave snogging a mystery woman later revealed as Manly chiropractor Shannon Egan last year.

Now here’s Dave at Bondi Beach with Claudia Karvan yesterday. Told ya he loves a beach date. Kinda standard really if you live in Sydney. It’s a nice pairing really and they look happy together don’t they. Bless.


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