Australian fashion brand Meshki celebrates 10th birthday with swanky gathering of very beautiful people in a basement.

Not quite true. There were very beautiful people but it wasn’t in a basement. Felt that needed saying. So yes a bunch of very beautiful ladies including local talent Bambi Northwood-Blyth, Jessica Gomes, Natalie Roser, Georgia Fowler, Montana Cox, Simone Holtznagel, along with international models Shanina Shaik and Elsa Hosk all turned up to celebrate Meshki’s 10th Birthday. Yay! Happy Birthday.

Now did you know that Meshki means ‘black’ in Farsi? No? well it looks like a couple of other guests didn’t either. While most of the genetically blessed folk went with a black ensemble Elle Gonzales opted for an all white satin and lace gown and standing out like a lovely lotus flower in a swamp was Mary Vitinaros in a red sequin halter mini dress and what a knockout. Stunning. Of course one is aware there was no obligation for anyone to wear black just because the brand name means black but fuck me do you know how hard it is tapping out words when you are old and grumpy and know fuck all about fashion. Nothing further.

Here’s a selection of beautiful people from the night posturing. Credit:

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