FRIEND OF THE BRAND A couple of ‘yummy mummies’ spruik watches at an evening with Longines. Hot dude from Bridgeton also makes an appearance and Sarah Ellen captivates.




According to Wikipedia Yummy mummy is a slang term used to describe an attractive mother. The term developed in the late 20th century, and was often applied to celebrity mothers such as Elizabeth Hurley[1] or Victoria Beckham,[2] who appeared to quickly regain their pre-pregnancy figures after giving birth, and would continue to lead carefree and affluent lifestyles. Episode 13 of series six of The Nanny (airing in 1999) was called “The Yummy Mummy”. A stereotypical yummy mummy was described by Nirpal Dhaliwal in The Times as having an existence “bankrolled by a husband working himself to death in the City, [dressing] in designer outfits… carries the latest must-have bag [and] whose hair and nails are perfectly groomed”.[1] Yummy mummy has a similar slang connotation to MILF,(grins) but suggesting a younger subject. It was reported in 2008 that celebrity yummy mummies were contributing to levels of depression in young mothers, making new mothers feel “saggy, baggy and depressed” about their own bodies.[2]

Hmmm, an existence ‘bankrolled by a husband working himself to death’? Not very PC is it! This could be grounds for a cancellation in 2023. Perhaps should read, hardworking mums, living off coffee and existing somewhere between the twilight of sleep and zombie like consciousness take a couple of hours off from cleaning up baby poop to pop on a frock and make an appearance at the Longines Elegance is an attitude brand party held at Campbells Stores. Mother of two and former Miss Universe Australia 2010 Jesinta Franklin hosted the glitzy event and was joined by mother of one soon to be two, Georgia Fowler. Also joining the celebrity set was the stunningly captivating Sarah Ellen (loves a short haired pixie) and the omni present Erin Holland (it’s her job to be at every event). Adding a touch of Hollywood glamour to the evening was Longines’ Ambassador of Elegance and Bridgeton boinker RegĂ©-Jean Page who arrived by speedboat at just the right time and looked dapper in a smart yet casual navy blue single breasted suit and blue t-shirt.

OK enough drizzle here’s a bunch of pics from the night. Credit:

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