ARIA Awards 2023 Red Carpet dominated by….the hosts, reality TV brides, influencers and other non musician types but thanks God for Christian Wilkins.


Red carpets are not my favourite thing. If you ever find yourself at a carpet for journalistic reasons you’d be hard pressed to find a glass of bubbles and a canapé coming your way. It’s a boring and tedious couple of hours shoulder to shoulder with photographers falling over their camera bags and more often these days that loathsome bunch that call themselves ‘digital creatives’. They are always in the fucking way.

Now already I sense this post might become more of a rant so I’ll cut to the point. Thank fuck for the likes of Christian Wilkins to bring a bit of pizzazz to an otherwise same same event. This kid just keeps bringing it every time he steps out. Today’s choice had tongues wagging and all of a sudden the camera flashes were going into a frenzy. While Im not a fan of the hideous clog like black chunky heeled boot he paired with the ravishing sheer body suit the overall look was a pleasing presentation in symmetry which included a modest cod piece. Brave.

Personally I can’t wait to see what he wears to the next event. Now here’s a bunch of pics from the carpet. Credit:

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