Stars lead the arrivals at the 2024 AACTA Awards held at HOTA

Here’s all the best celebrity looks from the AACTA Awards red carpet. Hometown hero Margot Robbie dazzles and Saltburn star Jacob Elordi was a no show.




In a glittering explosion of glitz and ghoulish delight, the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards (let’s just call it the A-List Down Under Bash) had two shining stars of the evening: the horror flick “Talk To Me,” which scared the competition stiff, and hometown hero, Margot Robbie, who added some Barbie sparkle to the event.

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Cate Blanchett presents the Trailblazer Award to Margot Robbie at the 2024 AACTA Awards Ceremony

The Philippou brothers, Danny and Michael, twin terrors from Adelaide, traded in YouTube antics for director’s chairs, sweeping the AACTAs with their budget-friendly boogeyman bonanza, “Talk To Me.” The film, made for what in Hollywood money might be called couch-cushion change (a mere $4.5 million), reaped a hair-raising $92 million worldwide, proving once again that a good scare is priceless. Sophie Wilde, the film’s leading scream queen, nabbed Best Actress, making the movie’s trophy tally a spooky eight—clearly, ouija boards are out, and Adelaide twin directors are in.

Not to be upstaged by ghosts and ghouls, Margot Robbie floated down the red carpet, not on a broomstick but with all the poise of the Trailblazer Award winner that she is. Reveling in her latest acts of movie magic with both “Barbie” and “The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart,” Robbie reminded everyone that Queensland’s not just a place with crawling with “Married at First Sight” contestants, but also a birthplace of trailblazers. Amidst the sequins and scares, Cate Blanchett waltzed in self-proclaimed “middle-aged Barbie” splendor, ready to doll out accolades.

In all the nods, nods, and more nods, the evening also became an accidental roast when Brad Pitt bumbled over the acronym A-A-C-T… something, while trying to add “really cool” gravitas to the whole affair. But it wasn’t just about the Robbie radiance and horror high-jinks; the gala saw “The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart” bloom with awards, proving that Amazon isn’t just about two-day shipping but also about award-winning content.


Brad Pitt congratulates Margot Robbie on her AACTA Trailblazer Award 🥹 #AACTAAwards #AACTAs #thisisqueensland #playgoldcoast #screenqueensland #experiencegoldcoast

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Brad Pitt congratules Margot Robbie on the Trailblazer award
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The black comedic crime series “Deadloch” managed to lock in some wins too, and Rebel Wilson, the mistress of ceremonies, slung zingers faster than you can say “Jetstar state,” which was her affectionate nod to Queensland. The night wasn’t without its cut content—some of Rebel’s edgier material got the chop faster than you can shout, “Slip, slop, slap!” for sun safety. Her quip about Aussie horror excellence being due to unfortunate encounters with skin cancer was deemed a little too dark for the AACTAs—apparently, the only acceptable kind of cutting involved was in the editing room.

Rebel Wilson hosts the 2024 AACTA Awards ceremony

Aussie cinema’s night of frights and flights of fancy might have missed out on homegrown heartthrob Jacob Elordi, but it sure didn’t skimp on the spirits (of the cinematic kind, of course) or the sparkling wit. From YouTube to the big screen, from nuns (played by Blanchett) to nun-chucks (probably part of the Philippous’ past videos), it seems that Australian film and TV is less about the shrimp on the barbie and more about the stars on the red carpet.

And the biggest lesson of all? Never underestimate a movie that can turn a “high seven figures” profit before the popcorn’s even popped.

You can find the full list of winners and nominees here.

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