HOT PICS Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney back in Bondi Beach for reshoots of R-rated rom com ‘Anyone But You’

Hollywood ‘it’ girl Sydney Sweeney can’t put a foot wrong, with a number of recent successes such as HBO drama Euphoria and White Lotus season one to her list of credits her star is on the up and up. She’s actually done a bunch more work but these are the ones I’ve seen. Oh yeah there was also that one called ‘Reality’ based on a true story about a low level US government whistleblower. Apparently her performance as the main character Reality Winner (fuck only in America) gained her critical acclaim at the Berlin Film Festival but it only took me 20 minutes to fall asleep watching.

Anyway nothing more to add. We know you’re not here for the bitey words so here’s a massive amount of pics showing Sydney shooting scenes on Campbell Parade. Quite spectacular. Credit:

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