Least famous Hemsworth brother coming to Sydney to talk about how to bring back the Tasmanian Tiger

If you’ve been forever confused about what actually happens at Sydney’s SXSW Festival, trust me when I say you’re not alone.

Managing Director Colin Daniels tells us it’s a “World Fair for creative content industries,” but what does that actually mean? Is it another one of those wanky conferences, or does it actually have something to offer?

Essentially, to break it down, SXSW is a spinoff of the Austin SXSW Festival that started in 1987. This year in Sydney, it runs from October 14 to 20 and will host over 1,000 events, all open to the public. In many ways, it resembles TED Talks, covering topics including technology, innovation, music, gaming, and film.

In other words, if you’re in said industries, it’s essentially one big networking and idea-sharing event.

This week, SXSW announced its first keynote speakers for the 2024 program. They include New York Times bestselling author Johann Hari and London human rights lawyer Jennifer Robinson.

In less exciting news, Luke Hemsworth will also be hosting a featured session on how to bring back Tasmanian Tigers.

Random, we know.

You can view the full program’s schedule here. Fair warning tickets are pricey, but consider it a business expense.

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