REPORT With bikie standoffs, fatal car crashes, frequent assaults, drownings and now a toxic spill this coastal town might just be the most dangerous place to live in Australia…and it’s just a short drive north of Sydney.




What was once considered a sleepy coastal town just an hours drive north of Sydney might actually be the most dangerous place to live in Australia – and the ‘tight knit’ community would prefer to keep it a secret. Once a ‘must visit’ destination for surfers with idyllic beaches, a caravan park, surf club and a bait shop the small township of ‘Summer Bay’ and its neighbouring town ‘Yabbie Creek’ hides a dark history of frequent assaults, fatal car crashes and bikie standoffs.

Since 1988 the town has suffered an onslaught of misery with numerous deaths, drownings, sexual assaults, teen pregnancies, unexplained respiratory illnesses and is the scene of regular Police activity. Statistically speaking it may also be the epicentre of the highest divorce rate in Australia. A local source who did not wish to be identified told us this might be in part due to the high level of vagrancy with people literally just washing up on the beach and ‘living rough’ in nearby bush land. The source said “this was always a safe place to live until that Fletcher family from the city moved in to Summer Bay House and started renting caravans to all kinds of rif raf”, the source went on to say “I told Stewart not to sell it all those years ago but stone the flamin crows he wouldn’t listen”.

So Sydney can now exclusively report that the town has been locked down and beaches evacuated after toxic waste washed up on the beach. Surf Lifesaver John Palmer was overcome by fumes and has been treated at the scene before being conveyed to hospital. A spokesperson for Summer Bay Surf Lifesaving Club has advised Mr Palmer is in a stable condition and wishes to thank the quick thinking of off duty paramedic Xander Delaney. We wish John a speedy recovery.

It’s drama worthy of a TV soap and you can catch all the action on Channel 7 each night at 7pm.

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