What a good husband! Keithy Poo drops ‘Nic’ at the airport for night flight. Next stop home for a curry with the kids.


We have no evidence to confirm or deny Keith Urban did have a curry once he got home from dropping wifey to the airport. It may have been a Pad Thai, three piece pack of KFC or even a lovely home made beetroot salad prepared by the in house chef. No idea if the Kurbans have their own chef but I can tell you if I had mega bucks the first thing I would do is hire an in house chef. What we do know however is that Lavender Bay has a couple of excellent curry houses very close to Kurban headquarters. There’s Lavendra which is literally across the road from Keiths place and has magnificent views of Sydney Harbour and then there’s Grace Of India around the corner at Milsons Point Station which is also owned by the same mob. Good food, Good mob.

Keith has been spotted at Grace of India in the past collecting a big bag of take away so we know he likes it. Both are reasonably affordable with entree’s starting at $22.90 and mains from $29.00 so you dont need the mega bucks of the Kurbans to enjoy a lunch or dinner at either.

Yeah this story should probably mention Nicole a bit more but yeah nah I’d rather write about curry. Here’s some pics of Nicole before wheels up. Credit: MATRIX

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