Another ‘white’ party? Miss B hosts lavish New Years Day soiree at Coogee ‘Crypto’ Castle. No one needs to bring a plate of food.


When Sydneys hottest new event planner Miss B aka Bec Shandley hosts a party two things are certain. It will be extravagant and it will be exclusive. It will likely also be ‘white’ themed. Fair to say she loves a white party and no one does one better than her. Move over Le Diner en Blanc Miss B is here and she’s the new queen of everything white. Oh and there will probably also be a bunch of ‘digital creatives’ there to capture every moment and every canapé that passes them. I mean if an influencer wasn’t there to capture it did it really happen? Hmm there’s something to think about while you read this beautifully crafted PR blurb…

“Ever wondered how the other half celebrates the New Year? 

Miss B Sydney has exclusively opened the doors to the ocean front fortress at Coogee, hosting some of Sydney’s biggest names and influential personalities. 

After the huge successes of the event last year, Miss B Sydney put on the New Year’s Day Party, headlined by DJ Shiralee Coleman.

From roaming burlesque dancers enchanting guests, to acrobatics defying gravity and a fire breathing show adding a daring spectacle, it was certainly worth all the hype. 

Miss B Sydney Founder Rebecca Shandley says “This exclusive event is an unmatched celebration filled with music, non-stop entertainment, and the company of some of the most influential people.”

“Miss B Sydney meticulously curated an exclusive guest list, made up of high-network individuals, influencers and socialites. It was the perfect balance between luxury and party life!”

“A highlight was the amazing acrobatic performance which ended in the dancers pouring bottles of Veuve into a 6 tier champagne tower.” 

“All guests were immersed in the charismatic atmosphere, dipping into the essence of exclusivity and sheer luxury.

“The captivating allure of burlesque and cabaret acts along with a fire show left an incredible mark on our guests.”

DJ Shiralee Coleman says “After the success of last year’s Miss B Sydney event at Crypto Castle, it was always going to be a big YES to do it again.”

“It was definitely the event to be at for NYD! I even turned down playing in the Maldives to be here in Sydney and really bring something special to this party.” 

“It didn’t disappoint. It was one for the books – I loved doing this show.” 

Im not sure what your ‘take aways’ were from reading that but two things stood out for me. Firstly, the reference right at the beginning ‘ever wondered how the other half celebrates new year?’ Hmm to which other half does this refer? The ‘I’ve maxed out my credit card, I’m under so much financial stress maintaining the appearance of my ‘aspirational’ lifestyle on the gram I’ve turned to OnlyFans but its not really porn kinda other half? Or the ‘I’m a 50 year old dude dressing half my age sharking around parties like a toolie at schoolies week kinda other half?’ Not saying either of these types were at this party. It was very VIP after all. Now to the second take away. So the DJ Shiralee Coleman and great DJ btw apparently turned down a trip to the Maldives to play at this party? I mean is she fucking kidding! What kind of human turns down a trip to the Maldives to stay in Sydney for New Years! Absolutely outrageous behaviour! Pffft.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this editorial are purely satirical and meant for humorous purposes only. No offense or disrespect is intended towards ‘Influencers’, ‘Onlyfans’ creators, Toolies or any other individuals mentioned.

Here’s a bunch of promotional images giving you a ‘taste’ of whatya missed out on. Credit: Chris Huang Photography

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