PULLED A SWIFTIE Taylor Swift jets into Sydney ahead of first Sydney show on Friday. Dodged dedicated young Swiftie that braved the rain to catch a glimpse of the star.

It was a wet afternoon at Sydney Airport today as Taylor Swift’s private jet touched down having made a short trip up from Melbourne. Swifties and a big media contingent swarmed the fence surrounding the private jet base for a glimpse of the world’s biggest pop star and in the minutes leading up to her arrival the excitement was palpable.

Heavily armed AFP officers were on hand to ensure Swifties behaved themselves – evidently automatic weapons are needed for such things. As the hatch opened briefly the pilot stuck his head out for a look then decided to reposition the jet further into the hangar so Taylor didn’t get a good Sydney soaking. After a short wait a convoy of heavily tinted black Range Rover SUVs and a Lamborghini made their way from the hangar across the tarmac to a back exit leaving waiting fans and media with no chance to see the worlds biggest pop star.

One young Swiftie, Vivenne Garrett spent an hour waiting in the rain with her mother Brooke, guitar in hand, anxiously waiting to see her idol only to be left with a big dose of disappointment.

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