Troye Sivan wins GQ MOTY Awards 2023 and now feels more in touch with his femininity than ever.


Troye Sivan stood before the audience at the GQ Man of the Year Awards, his presence emanating both confidence and humility. As he graciously accepted the esteemed honour, he took a moment to address the irony of the situation. With a touch of humour, he shared, “Thank you so much everyone. It’s not lost on me the irony of me winning Man of the Year when I did drag for the first time this year.” His words sparked a ripple of laughter and smiles, instantly connecting with the audience. It was a humble acknowledgement of the unexpected path that led him to this moment, and a testament to his ability to embrace new experiences. But as the laughter subsided, a more profound message began to unfold. Troye continued, his voice sincere and reflective. “I feel more in touch with my femininity than ever. I think it speaks to a point I’d like to make, which is that my relationship with masculinity has been strange my entire life.” In that moment, a palpable stillness settled over the room, as if the very air held its breath to listen. Troye’s words resonated deeply, touching a chord within each person present.

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Troye Sivan graces the cover of the 2023 Men Of the Year issue

He shared his personal journey of self-discovery, one that had led him to embrace and explore different aspects of his identity. His openness and vulnerability created a space for reflection and understanding. Troye’s words became a source of inspiration, reminding everyone in the room that individual experiences with gender and identity are complex and unique. With his heartfelt honesty, he shattered norms and opened the door to a more inclusive and accepting conversation. Applause filled the room as Troye concluded his speech. It was a testament to the impact his words had on everyone present. Beyond winning a title, he had sparked a collective introspection, challenging societal expectations.

Troye Sivan’s quote brought to light the beauty of embracing our true selves, no matter how unconventional it may seem. In the end, Troye Sivan’s speech left a lasting impression. It was a reminder that authenticity knows no boundaries, and that it is through embracing our individual journeys that we find true fulfillment. His words echoed in the hearts and minds of those in attendance, encouraging them to celebrate their own unique experiences and foster a more compassionate and inclusive society for all.

Here’s all the pictures from the night. Credit: MATRIX

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