Claudia Karvan spotted out and about annoyingly without new boyfriend Dave Galafassi for paparazzi photo opp.


Claudia Karvan stepped out to run some errands today with a couple of paps in tow, she’s drummed up a bit of interest of late after several sightings of her (all caught on camera) with Dave Galafassi looking very cozy together. Just a week ago they were spotted on a surf date in Bondi. Bondi as you know is definitely not the place to go if you want to go unnoticed. Dave, if you don’t already know is the former husband of that other Australian actress most famous for playing Mariel in Muriels Wedding. Now that was a fucking good flick. You know it’s good when you think of the show and you can just hear the lines in your head. Two quotes come to mind. First this doozy, “And you three…what a bunch of cocksuckers” then there’s my personal favourite “Deidre Chambers…what a coincidence”. Haha. Anyway out she went to run a few errands, got papped and went about living her life.

Here’s a few pics of Claudia living her life. Credit:

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