Dina Broadhurst leaves hideous fluffy slippers at home. Opts for just as hideous rubber Crocs as she heads into daily Berner session ahead of Maddie Holtznagel.


“You are worthy. It all starts here” goes the blurb on the Body By Berner website. You are worthy Dina. You are worthy Madeline. You are worthy Jade. Pffft. The rare and precious flowers of the eastern suburbs set do not need reminding they are worthy. Think they are quite aware of their self worth thank you very much Bernadette Fahey. You definitely know you are worthy if you can wear previously reported hideous fluffy slippers to class like Dina does. The big question here is, Dina have her own little cubby for her hideous fluffy slippers or does she leave them at the door with everyone else’s.

So what is it about this new studio at Ben Buckler that attracts the elite ladies of the east. Well it is a very nicely decked out studio. Allow me to quote, “Located in an intimate setting in the heart of Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach. In a light-filled space that is designed to inspire, the studio has a temple-like feel in a nod to Bernadette’s passion for spirituality, design and fashion. A striking feature wall filled with art, objects and offerings provides a setting where clients feel uplifted, grounded and ready to ‘feel the Bern.’ Along with artful flourishes, the studio is equipped with commercial grade Pilates Health Equipment Reformers, Wunda Chairs and Small Apparatus”

A temple like feel indeed. Artful flourishes indeed and at $39.00 for a drop in session it’s even affordable for peasants.

Love and light.

Here’s a few pics of the very worthy Dina and the very worthy Maddie heading into a session. Credit: Matrix

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