Tim Robards gets his shirt off for launch of Reacher Season 2 at Bondi launch ‘activation’.




Who doesn’t love a brand activation when Tim Robards is getting his shirt off. Phwoar what a hunk. Timbo was on hand this morning as the host with the most for the Reacher Fitness Challenge to apparently ‘celebrate’ the release of Reacher Season 2 on Prime Video this month. A little promotional blurb came across the desk a couple of days ago that read “Reacher Season Two begins when veteran military police investigator Jack Reacher (Alan Ritchson) receives a coded message that the members of his former U.S. Army unit, the 110th MP Special Investigations, are being mysteriously and brutally murdered one by one blah blah blah”. Argh the eyes glazed over at this point then I thought. Hold on Timbo doing a workout…he’s going to get his shirt off for sure. Alarm set for perv o’clock! It took an agonising 12 minutes of waiting around pretending to be interested in the ‘show” before Timbo finally got his shirt off and demonstrated the proper chin up technique. Glorious pectorals and abdominals. The man is indeed very well proportioned.

A few other minor celebs rocked up for the challenge but decided only to use Timbo the handsome devil. Credit: www.matrixpictures.com.au

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