ON BRAND! Influencers get their bikinis on for Hello Molly party cruise around Sydney Harbour. Tammy Hembrow’s sister provides valuable insights.




We’re guessing the publicist over at Hello Molly knew exactly how to get some headlines for this event. They should tack a little extra charge on the invoice under ‘pure genius marketing strategy’. No kidding it really worked and certainly brought a bit of cheer to this gloomy desk on a slow news day. Generally, ‘influencers’ are not my cup of tea but who doesn’t like to see them playing up like Bondi girls at afters. Actually think I recognise a few from afters Ive been to recently. There’s Leah Perkins. She’s the sister of old mate Al Perkins who was in Married at First Sight for a hot minute. There’s also a couple of former Love Islanders and the sisters from Big Brother. You can look yourself I’m not into naming names. Probably should mention Tammy Hembrows sister Starlette Thynne though. She did after all go above and beyond for the brand providing us some valuable insights into what it means to be an influencer.

So what do you get when you get when you put a bunch of hot bikini clad influencers on a boat with some booze and then call the paps? Mayhem and some very spicy pictures! Credit: matrixpictures.com.au

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