Genetically blessed models and ‘digital creatives’ gather at Potts Point mansion to celebrate 15 years of fashion brand AJE

Who’s got the biggest name here that we can say ‘led the arrivals’. Hmm. Is it Shanina Shaik, an international model with 3.5 millions instagram followers? That’s a f#ck load of followers btw. Or is it Gabriella Brooks with 214K followers and is dating a Hemsworth. There’s also Isabel Lucas. She once had a small part as a horny Decepticon in a Transformers movie. Has she done anything since then? Dunno. Then there’s Bridget Malcolm with 356K followers and was once a Victoria’s Secret model. Think we have to go where the clout is and a Hemsworth equals clout so Gabriella Brooks it is. Sorry Shanina but you dont have a Hemsworth do you. So here we go…

Liam Hemsworth’s girlfriend Gabriella Brooks leads the arrivals at Aje’s 15th Anniversary party. A few other model types with less clout turned up too. Here’s all the pics in order of least clout to most clout at the end. Just to keep you on the page longer (We didn’t really but would be funny if we did) Credit:

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