More than just dinner and a show! The Emerald Room is the late night venue Sydney has been waiting for.

The unveiling of The Emerald Room in Sydney’s vibrant East last night marked the dawn of a captivating fusion of entertainment and culinary artistry. Seamlessly metamorphosed from Emerald City Motors by the visionary duo Brandon Martignago and Joshua Pullen of Dulcie’s Kings Cross fame, this chic venue drew a crowd of trendy names like Ben Mingay, Jessica Redmayne, and Alex Greenwich for its grand opening promising a tantalizing blend of cabaret, live beats, and epicurean delights.

Elevating beyond the mundane, The Emerald Room is poised to emerge as Sydney’s nocturnal playground, beckoning night owls to savour daring menus, craft libations, and live acts that push boundaries long after the clock strikes midnight. Set against a backdrop of vintage allure, the venue’s opulent décor exudes an air of enigma and sophistication, crafting an enchanting ambiance that guarantees an unforgettable experience for the socially savvy.

Chef virtuosos Nina ‘Teddie’ Huynh and Elijah Attard have artfully curated a menu that celebrates distinctive flavours and ingredients, offering explorations that resonate with the modern epicurean adventurer. Meanwhile, Creative Director Brendan de la Hay’s avant-garde entertainment selections promise to transport audiences to a realm where traditional cabaret acts are reimagined, presenting an evening of mesmerising and vibrant performances that will get pulses racing.

“We are thrilled to unveil The Emerald Room to the hungry audiences of Sydney,” said Brendan de la Hay, “Our vision is to create an exquisite powerhouse of a venue where guests can completely immerse themselves in a world of culinary excellence alongside captivating performances, offering an experience that transcends anything they can experience anywhere else in Sydney. Everytime you come to The Emerald Room you should (and will!) leave with a new tale to tell!”

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The Emerald Room is inspired by great showrooms like London’s Cafe de Paris, New York’s Rainbow Room, Crazy Horse Paris and the Tivoli in Sydney. I think we forget we had these spaces, and our intention is to create a romantic allusion to that last era of night time sophistication and entertainment.” says Co-owner Brandon Martignago

This enclave of night time sophistication and artistic indulgence invites guests to savour every moment, offering an experiential transcendence of traditional norms and elevated evening escapades that resonate with the pulse of contemporary culture.

Here’s the arrivals for the Grand VIP Opening last night and over to you.

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