Just for shits and giggles we had a behaviour specialist pick the biggest fakes of Married at First Sight’s Season 11 and the results may surprise you.

Scott Taylor has 29 years’ experience in behaviour analysis, understanding others and deception tactics. As an internationally recognised expert he has used his skills on this seasons Married at First Sight revealing who can really be trusted and why.  

Translating a variety of body language and conversational mannerisms Scott explains what their outbursts, eye contact and other tell-tale signs really mean. Here’s his picks for this seasons top fakes and the results may surprise you…or not.

Tim – Faking it score 4 out of 10

Tim’s words often don’t align with his body language. This started when asked about his ex and he used words like “definitely, certainly ” Tim was selling- not telling the story. Truth tellers convey, liars convince. His head shake of “No” at the same time also indicates he is not over the ex. 

But we also see decreased eye contact and withdrawn lips which show he regrets his actions. 

Sara – Faking it score 6 out of 10

Our ventral area (front of body) is kept open and towards people we are comfortable and confident with. Sara leans away, covers it with cushions or leans right back (when seen on the lounge regularly with Tim). When pressed she closes it up. She also drops her chin as part of the same response and this is quite obvious with her interactions. 

Tori – Faking it score 7 out of 10

Tori is in for the long haul and I believe she is living against some of her own values to try and maintain more air time. When the experts approached her about Jacks words, whilst she verbally disagreed with them, she kept her eyes closed the whole time. This eye blocking behaviour was not congruent with her words and shows her true opinion is different to what she shared.

Tori showed lip withdrawal and compression as well as a piked blink rate when Lauren initially told her too, which reiterates her true discomfort. The recent tattoo also confirms the external focus they have on public opinion and perception as opposed to actually working through any obvious relationship issues.

I believe Tori will absorb a lot of Jack’s behaviours for now until later in the season (to keep her position there) but will then grow more of a voice in an attempt to rally more public support. 

Jack –  Faking it score 8 out of 10

Jack wants to portray dominant personality but his traits don’t match it. Overconfident and dominant people don’t need to keep reminding others, they just show them. As seen on the lounge talking about the kind of “Lover,” he is, he breaks eye contact and looks to the others for visual validation which reiterates his integrity doesn’t match his image.  True dominant personalities don’t need to do these things. He also shows controlling affection with Tori while with the experts by putting his hand around her neck this aligns with his words “put hands ON my Woman” – not around my Wife. 

and the biggest fake of the season goes to…

Ben – with a faking it score of 8.5 out of 10 

Ben is purely here for image and ego. His words and body language have been reflective of this . The cameras try to show him in a better light, but often when Ellie and Ben hold hands, it’s just fingertips. This Distal Touching is an indicator of distance in a relationship.

His statement about kids was fake, hence placing such focus in the sentence of the word “future” twice but not having any gestures or facial expressions to support it. He is purely trying to keep more screen time.

Recently, even the placement of the guitar when he was just “Putting it down” was put front and centre in the hallway to try and obtain more camera coverage of it. He shows long cognitive delay whilst he tries to think of words that won’t reflect badly on him (just like Collins did – “What a day!”)

You can follow Scott on Instagram and Tiktok @itsscotttaylor 

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