Just like locals! The Jonas Brothers bond over beers and games at Bondi Bowlo with Joe’s glam new flame Stormi Bree


The Jonas Brothers, Nick, Joe, and Kevin, along with Joe’s new flame Stormi Bree, made an unexpected second visit to the Bondi Bowlo on Sunday for a laid-back barefoot lawn bowls session and a couple of beers.

As they traded in their rockstar shoes for bare feet on the grass, the Jonas Brothers displayed some questionable bowling skills, prompting good-humored banter among the group. Joe’s attempt at a strike led to more laughter than success, while Nick’s competitive spirit shone through as he tried to outplay his brothers.

Stormi Bree, a model and former pageant queen known for winning Miss Teen USA 2008, proved to be a good sport as she joined in the fun of barefoot bowling with the Jonas Brothers. Her effortless style and infectious energy added a touch of elegance to the casual outing, blending seamlessly with the laid-back Bondi vibe.

Despite the ongoing buzz surrounding Joe’s recent split from Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner, the Jonas Brothers and Stormi Bree opted for a relaxed day in Bondi. Immersing themselves in the local scene, the group enjoyed the simple pleasures of a friendly game of lawn bowls and the company of the locals, soaking up the sun during their impromptu return to the bowling club.

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