Ripe and Ready! Jackie O joined by Kyle Sandilands, John Ibrahim and Pip Edwards on 49th birthday boat party on Sydney Harbour.


Jackie O Henderson brought the cool kids along for a birthday party cruise around Sydney Harbour yesterday and rocked up looking stunning in a Christopher Esber Ripe and Ready crushed tee and mini micro skirt matched with yellow sunglasses. Hawt. Not long after Pip Edwards arrived with her new property developer boyfriend Lachlan Thompson and hanging back was Jackie’s own hot tradie boyfriend Jack Tyerman. Then came John Ibrahim with Budgie, Kyle Sandilands with his wife Tegan and Simon Maine with his mrs and let’s not forget everywhere man Max May.

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After the usual air kisses and ‘you look amazing babes’ greetings the gang boarded the super yacht ‘Ghost II’ and were off on the harbour where the real partying began.

After dropping anchor at Athol Bay the hatches were opened and a giant water slide was inflated. Kyle Sandilands was spotted with a Jack and coke in hand as Intern Pete and the boys took turns sliding into the water and relaxing in the hot tub. Jackie herself changed outfits at some point and was seen on the lower deck among Pip Edwards, her bestie Gemma and Max May enjoying a few drinks while chatting away with her birthday crew. Also spotted close at hand was Jackie’s hot tradie boyfriend Jack Tyerman who chatted away with Max May but was careful to avoid contact with Jackie while visible to the paps.

After several hours of fun in the sun the weather took a turn and it was time to head back to Circular Quay for ‘afters’ at Opera Bar.

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