Married at First Sight’s Sara Mesa and Collins Christian lead the arrivals at Belvedere’s Most Influential People Party




With Sydneys humidity level somewhere between moist and a wet blanket Belvedere’s Most Influential People Party kicked off at Flamingo Lounge last night which attracted a big turnout of reality TV stars including some of Married at First Sights current season contestants. We dropped in for a beverage and a look around the VIP room and found Collins Christian chatting away to Richard Sauerman at the bar. Perhaps he was discussing why he was removed from the show early which you can read more about here or perhaps he was asking Richard if he needs a towel. Richard, the oldest contestant ever to appear in ‘the experiment’ appeared to be in a sweaty mess but seemed to be enjoying the impromptu sauna nonetheless.

Looking around the VIP room we spotted a bunch of familiar faces including Olivia Frazer, Cyrell Paule and Eden Dally, Carla from Bankstown and Juliette Herrera along with FBoy Island winners Molly O’Halloran and Nick Brown with Molly looking particularly gorgeous in a white Retrofete Arabelle dress.

A few sips into a refreshing Belvedere Vodka concoction and in walks Sara Mesa with her friend Melissa Lloyd – Sara was escorted through the club to the VIP room and was quickly seated with the cool kids including NRL star Cooper Johns and his girlfriend Kenna Hullick among others.

Moving across the dance floor we spotted Australian Idol contestants Ripley Alexander and Trent Richardson among the perspiring gaggle in the VIP room. Ripley’s captivating performance of ‘Mamma Mia’ garnered nationwide fans, and the evening provided a great opportunity for both to enjoy their growing popularity.

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