Cyrell Paule ‘leads the arrivals’ at Bedouins Belvedere Summer Soiree with Olivia Frazer and Dr Kate Adams further behind (rated by followers)

Yep the Cyclone does have more followers FYI. She’s at 406K while Olivia’s at 210K. Then there’s Dr Kate Adams at 42.1K. Is it polite to even mention ones metrics? Dunno but I’m bored and I’m sun burnt and a little tipsy if I’m being honest. Best get to the thingy that brought this gaggle out tonight…

It was a truly enjoyable evening at the exclusive Bedouin Restaurant, Bar & Lounge. While it may not have been the biggest event ever, it certainly showcased a gathering of notable personalities from the world of reality TV. Married At First Sight (MAFS) favourites Olivia Frazer, Carolina Santos, and Alyssa Barmonde were spotted together, exuding their unique sense of style as they stepped into the venue. Joining them were the charismatic duo of Cyrell Paule and partner Eden Dally, who always manage to make their presence felt wherever they go. It was heartwarming to see Dean Wells and his fiancé Aimee Woolley, who radiated love and joy, adding a touch of romance to the atmosphere.

The evening was punctuated by a great lineup of DJs mixing up a blend of musical treats, with Tori Levett headlining the night and filling the air with infectious beats. Bedouin, located in the exclusive Double Bay area of Sydney, has long been a favorite destination for those seeking a memorable experience. Over the years, the venue has attracted international stars such as Rita Ora and Taika Waititi, as well as notable figures like Scott Eastwood and Nick Kyrgios.

Its welcoming atmosphere and undeniable charm have made it a go-to spot for celebrities and socialites alike. While Bedouin’s Belvedere Summer Soiree may not have been the grandest event on the social calendar, it served as a reminder of the joy that comes from gathering with friends, sipping on crafted cocktails, and dancing the night away.

Here’s to many more charming and delightful events in the future, where Sydney’s social scene can come together and celebrate the joy of life. Yes you read that correctly. Joy of life!

Here’s the pictures to show ya what ya missed out on. Credit: Nathan Atkins

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Mark Bridges
Mark Bridges
5 months ago

Frothing over Miss McCann 🤤
Bloody good n entertaining write up here too mate 👏